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Porfitalia is part of the productive group Filippi established in 1966 and operates in Lavis -Trento on an area of 25.000 sqm. Porfitalia is the only company able to produce directly the most complete range of porphyry products in natural and machined surface. Its production includes: cobbles, tiles for interiors and exteriors, irregular slabs, kerbstones, binders, splitcut front-sight, steps, risers, skirting boards, standard and cut to size articles for indoor and outdoor and last but not least blocks slabs. Porfitalia bases itself on the quality of its material leading to the realisation of prestigious projects in Europe, USA, Japan, Singapore and Australia. A skilled commercial staff is able to offer advises and estimates in a very short time. The professional competence of its operators and its highly advanced technologies guarantee quality of the workings and quickness in the deliveries. Through its national and foreign offices Porfitalia is able to meet all customers needs assuring a constant and direct assistance. The professional competence and experience of Porfitalia technical team offers to planners, architects and customers in general a satisfactory support in the choosing of the material, of the different typologies and their applications in order to guarantee the best solutions and the best value for money.

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G. Di Vittorio Street 28 - 38015 - Lavis (TN) - Industrial Zone - Italy.


Porphyry is an extrusive ignimbrite characterised by a sub-vertical slab-like structure with parallel strata. Because of this natural stratification it is necessary to use explosives to quarry the slabs. The explosion causes the fall of the material which will be sorted out according to the sizes and the thickness of the pieces. It is not selected according to the colour which is very varying as a result of thousands of years of moisture, oxides and concretions infiltrations which caused a range of colours going from grey to red and violet with many nuances. The main chemical components of porphyry are silicon, aluminium, potassium, iron, calcium and sodium. Among the mineralogic ones there are quartz, sanidine and plagioclase. This composition makes of porphyry one of the most important materials both for paving and for cladding and one of the strongest stones. Porphyry stands wear and tear very well, it is resistant to ice and intense cold and to all atmospherical agents. Thanks to its chemical and physical features it is suitable for the collocation of pedestrian areas, carriageable streets and for areas subject to heavy traffic. Porphyry great qualities and in particular its chromatic variety and its anti-slip guarantee, even in wet or icy conditions, allow the paving of streets, squares, courtyards, historical centers, pedestrian areas, gardens, parks and the creation of street furniture items. It is very suited both for interior pavings and for wall facings. Porphyry is a stone which exalts architects’ and planners’ imagination giving them the opportunity to create real “works of art” thanks to its various typologies and colours.


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